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Sol Patrol "Coin Up" box physical edition

30/09/2022 12:00



Sol Patrol "Coin Up" box physical edition

Sol Patrol physical edition

Dear friends, many years ago, when I start to develop video games I had never imagined that I will be here to sell a physical copy of one of mines. Keep tuned for the new page we shall open for the shop.


The White Room Labs give me that opportunity so, some years after we create this version of "Sol Patrol: xenovaders saga"; this contains the game itself, but into the Card USB that resemble a magnetic card of a world organization. There's also a sticker of the "moon rumbler" that you pilot in the game, the instructions and a pin, with the evil scrotoziods, just to keep in mind who is the enemy.

The plastic box, with the arts made by Oz, reminds me the game I bought in my childood. I'm brought back to those increbiles years.
I hope this physical version give you the same feelings I feel, and similar memories of the 80s.

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